Tall Willowherb (Epilobium ciliatum)

Tall Willowherb (Epilobium ciliatum), in fact known variously as Tall, Slender, Glandular, Fringed, Hairy or Northern Willowherb. Although there are a number of indigenous Epilobiums in Victoria, this one is an import from the Americas. Introduced to Tasmania by 1919, and a widespread invasive across Europe, it was first recorded in Victoria in the 1960s. There are now records of this plant throughout the damp eastern ranges and at Cape Otway, as well as in the Melbourne metropolitan. Northern Willowherb is wind-dispersed and is particularly successful in colonising damp gravel, making it a problematic nursery weed and similarly well-suited to be a weed of pavement cracks and edges adjacent to favourably watered front gardens.

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