Cut-leaf Crane’s-bill (Geranium dissectum)

Cut-leaf Crane’s-bill (Geranium dissectum), a Eurasian weed of disturbed lawns and cultivated sites. Introduced as a contaminant in seed or hay, this geranium arrived in Tasmania by 1859 (when Hooker reported it present there) and New Zealand by 1863. G. dissectum appears to have been a somewhat later introduction to Victoria, first recorded at Rockbank in 1900 and at Diamond Creek in 1927.

Tolerant of a variety of soil conditions, this is a small-statured annual plant whose seeds tend to be spread to new sites by mowing equipment.

Note that despite the generalist name (assigned by Linnaeus of course), in Australia this species should not be confused with various cut-leaved native geraniums, some of which are even weedy!

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