Fairy Crassula (Crassula multicava ssp. multicava)

Fairy Crassula (Crassula multicava ssp. multicava), a common and ‘bulletproof’ succulent of Melbourne’s domestic gardens, and a capable coloniser of dry woodlands and rocky exposures when deposited in such places with garden refuse. This Crassula is a native of South Africa, and like a number of exotic succulents the species does not set seed here, but it is capable of spreading vegetatively from rooting leaf litter and from the formation of new plantlets within its inflorescences. This is a durable, abuse-tolerant and ably transplanted species that while an attractive mass planting frequently becomes an unloved and untidy leftover in suburban yards. That combination explains its extremely frequent dumping and reestablishment on wasted ground and on the margins of bushland areas. In this case, the dumping of garden refuse over the fence of a railway cutting in Northcote has produced a very large and successful colony, but also one that will be generally confined in perpetuity to the transport trench.

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